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Vision Therapy

What is Optometric Vision Therapy?

Optometric Vision Therapy is training for the eyes used to develop and improve visual ability. Conditions that can be treated with vision therapy include: strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), double vision, visual fields loss, learning - related vision disorders, as well as focusing problems and ADD/ADHD among others. Vision therapy utilizes lenses, flippers and prisms in a progressive series of in-office and home therapy exercises. It is a non-surgical and drug-free approach that helps patients learn to use their eyes more efficiently and to have better eye teaming and binocular vision.

Meet The Therapist


Mary Ellen Ionas, a former educator, joined EnVision Eye Care in 2013 and has been working as a vision therapist for over ten years. She has received specialized training form the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and has also had training in the Sensory Learning Program (SLP), Interactive Metronome (IM), Phototherapy (Syntonics) and the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation programme (JIAS). In addition, she is a certified practitioner of the Integrated Listening Systems (iLs). Mary Ellen enjoys vision therapy for the diversity of people that she is able to help--from young children struggling to learn to older patients recuperating from strokes or brain injuries - and everything in between!

Mary Ellen and her husband, Vasilis, are beach lovers and moved to Savannah for its beauty and to be closer to the ocean. They have two grown daughters, Isabela, an esthetician, and Ariana who is in her last year of veterinary school. She is also a published poet and an avid reader.


Before and after photos of our patient with an alternating esotropia (strabismus with an eye turn in) after 18 weeks of vision therapy (about midway through the therapy program).

Success Story

Vision Therapy works! It has been an amazing process to see the changes in my son's grades and attitude toward reading. He has gone from constant frustration and feeling of failure to being on the honor roll the entire year and making A's in English! He is also reading for pleasure! Vision Therapy has been a lot of hard work and not without some arguments and grumbling, but it has all been worth it. Mary Ellen has made the process successful for us and is never without a smile. Her cheerful and understanding demeanor definitely contributed to our success with VT!


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Parker, Mary Ellen, and the staff have been so pleasant during my daughter's appointments!
    Update: And now they have guest wifi!!"
    Jessica C.
  • "Dr. Parker and staff are pretty darn great. I always feel like I am their top priority when I'm there. They are organized, friendly (a sadly rare thing in the medical field, especially in Savannah) and knowledgeable. I actually look forward to my yearly eye exam here."
    B T.
  • "From the moment I called to schedule my appointment, the staff at EnVision demonstrated the "old fashion" value of customer service. It appears to be a rare trait in most business these days. Not the case with EnVision. The staff conducted themselves in the most professional way within their craft and were patient enough to listen to my needs and explain their action plan to obtain the optimum results for my eye care. Thank you all at EnVision. I have now favorite you in my contact list."
    Pete C.
  • "I highly recommend dr Parker easy to make a appointment staff is extremely helpful office is very clean the assistants of dr Parker were very friendly. I wish she was my physician !!!"
    Wayne P.